Another Round of Resolutions

I like New Year’s Resolutions.

Am I wrong in this? The older I get (or the more cynical my friends become, who knows?), more and more of my folks argue against making New Year’s Resolutions. “There’s no point,” I’ve heard. “You’ll just break them anyway.”

Well, sure. They’re non-binding resolutions, not law set in concrete. They’re aspirational, not imperative.

A few years ago, in September 2017, I bought a notebook. This was nothing new. I have a problem with books–those to be read, those to be bound, those to be written in–but the books for writing always intimidated me. And I thought, in September 2017, that I should bullet journal–maybe that would be the ticket!

Have you ever looked at bullet journaling and what some of these people do?

Not my thing. And I tried–the first page of the black book had checkerboard margins? I thankfully found a website (lost to me now) that explained simple symbols and offered very good advice: Just Keep Going.

Miss a few days? Just keep going.

Mess up a page? Just keep going.

Forget the point? Just keep going.

And I did. On December 31, 2019, I archived the little black journal. There were a lot of pages of little notes on the day–B and I like to look up what we did a year or two before–and a bunch of task lists. And some abandoned projects, and forgotten plans. And some completed projects, and remembered events. It’s as if life keeps going whether or not we decide to, too.

And then, back to resolutions, and this blog, and everything else under the sun: I’ve had this website forever. I’ve always played “if I only…” for too long. So I resolved in September (I celebrate three restarts a year thanks) to do something with this in six months. And here I am. Here it is. Arthur the Lesser dot com.

If this is the only post (it won’t be, surely), this is the only post. But I hope to just keep going–one could say I’m still resolved to, even.

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