Someday, there will even be pictures

I haven’t posted anything in a week, and I am trying to build good habits. So I’ll take what I can get.

Someday, there will even be pictures on this blog. I feel kind of dumb restarting it in 2020. Since I bought this domain (approximately one thousand) years ago, we’ve shifted, socially, from text to video to, arguably, meme. I might as well start checking in on Foursquare, or buy more typewriter ribbon.

Am I antiquated at 35? I use words a lot. I speak and write professionally. I read voraciously. I tell stories as a hobby. I made books when I wanted to be crafty. Is that wrong, or out of sync with where the digital age is moving?

I am sure a) not working from an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard, and b) engaging with my brilliant design friends will help me adapt before the asteroid hits, as it were. What a dream–someday, there will even be pictures. Lame!

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