Those Side Hustles

So, I’m home sick today, though I think it’s my body’s remarkable refusal to acclimate to new allergens. I was sick a lot the first year I moved to Texas, too–but I had mono, and I don’t think it’s pollen related?

Anyhow, I know I’m off-kilter because I was so excited to get to work from home, but I’m down and out for the count. I’m feeling a little better after a day of rest, and good movies (like Spiderman: Far From Home which I somehow missed in theaters and wow, it’s, it’s really well done) and bad movies, like Semi-Pro (which wasn’t made to be an Oscar nominee, I get that).

In my copious amounts of spare time, I’ve been learning how to do a little bit of photo-editing, and a little bit of newsletter writing, and a little bit about digital marketing. I will keep one company anonymous, though they did the “free class when you sign up,” which I thought, “It’s too good to be true, clearly,” and signed up anyway, and then had to unsubscribe four times after I cancelled my subscription because materials for said class–you’ll be shocked by this–easily cover the cost of the free class.

But the good news is, I’m finding good resources, and I’ll happily share them once I figure out what I’m doing. What I’m doing the rest of the day, however, is continuing to recuperate, so that I may be of service and usefulness to my fellow humans in the future.

I do love those side hustles, though. Those profitless, slow-as-hell, possible scam side hustles. (I may participate in scams; I do not scam, myself.)

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