600 Meters? Yards?

I used to be a competitive swimmer. I jokingly called myself King of the B-Heat–I couldn’t get above ninth place, but I consistently got ninth place. I preferred breaststroke and backstroke, then butterfly, and then, if I had to, freestyle. And until about ninth grade, I swam in programs and clubs during the summer. I guess band and then theater got in the way after that.

In trying to get back into shape, I’ve swum. I’ve swum before, and I’ll swim again. At one point, I was doing half a mile breaststroke, which takes far less exertion than freestyle. Then I mixed some freestyle in. Then I stopped swimming.

This happened a few times. This time around, I have begun with two simple goals: swim one lap more every ten days (soon, I’ll swim infinitely!); do some of these actual workouts, which are hard when one gets back into it. A lot of freestyle.

Friends who don’t read this and random bots who do: today, I swam 600 meters? yards? I don’t remember which and I know one is very wrong and one is just right–twelve laps, as suggested under Work Out #1 on the above site, all freestyle. I have not done that before. And it will hopefully be a little easier when I do it again tomorrow.

That is all, for now.

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