The Wontons!


I’ll admit, I struggle a bit separating my working from home and my working at home; that is, the work I do for the ministerial work I’d be in the community or at the church for, and the things I do in the space I’m using for said ministerial work, but for fun–like writing, working on a play, even mapmaking (very basically) for D&D.

I have wavered between complete and utter anxious panic, and generally gracious hope during this COVID-19 time, and I’m sure I’ll keep riding this rollercoaster for a while, as will we all.

(All this talk of restarting the country by Easter is bullsh*t, by the way. That’s worshiping Mammon, not Christ; the powers that killed Jesus, and not Jesus.)

My prayer for myself today, and for you if you wish, is that you have the concern and presence for another human being with the same intensity and interest as Chris Santos does about wontons.

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