The Rest is Commentary: Jesus Works from Home (Acts 1:1-11)

And the disciples, not getting it at all despite a season of quarantine (that is, forty days) with our Risen Lord staying with them and ordering them not to leave Jerusalem, did ask Jesus another silly question.

“Lord,” one asked (and no one will tell who because whoops!), “is this the time you will restore the Kingdom to Israel?” For the disciples were tired of being set apart, and knew there was the Festival of Remembrance and the Barbeques of Gathering to attend to.

And verily, the Lord pinched the bridge of his nose, and counted backwards from ten before he yelled at them. “The world’s not going back to how it was; you’re going into it–right here, the places you fit in, the places you don’t, the whole enchilada.”

Then he ascended, and the disciples realized, seeing him go, that his feet were disproportionately large–like size thirteens. They pondered this until two dentists, dressed in white including face masks, told them to get out of the way and get to work…” (Acts 1:11, Na<SV)

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