Monday Mull: Acts 1:12-2:13

I’ve always been fascinated by Matthias, the apostle chosen to fill the vacancy left by Judas Iscariot. I like that he became one of the twelve on a coin toss. I like that we know nothing about him except a) he was there and b) he beat out Joseph Barsabbas and Joseph was cool with it.

I’ve always loved the Pentecost story, with strong winds and divided tongues as of fire. I like the accusation of the people that these guys aren’t emissaries of the divine rebirth, they are simply drunk! On the cheap stuff!

(Fact: I had a professor in college who grew up in Belgium, and could only remember the words to the Flemish national anthem if he had a few German beers in him. So it does happen, I guess.)

The mulling this week is a complex one, I think–how does one preach on the continuation of the church, beginning with Matthias, continuing on to our congregations today? Especially since if we’re being responsible, the doors are locked and the community is safe? What does it mean for the Spirit to faithfully and consistently birth and rebirth the Church, breathe life into it, blow it out of its shelters and burn down its institutions, when we are in the heart of Coronatide?

Sunday’s only six days away. I better get to work.

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