Oh No, the Wontons!

This is from a great wonton recipe, on Spruce Eats. If you would like to make wontons, I recommend following this recipe.

I have a deep appreciation of food television–it’s essentially psychological comfort food. It’s familiar, it’s predictable (though, not always), it’s constant and easily available at any hour of the day.

A friend of mine introduced me to Chopped when she used it in passing as a sermon illustration. It became my go-to for background noise and time-wasting. (It sounds like I don’t like it; the opposite is true.) Anyhow, I saw a Vine taken from the show, which is:

And it’s beautiful. Chris Santos loves his job, Chris Santos loves people cooking for him, Chris Santos loves wontons, and it is all on the table. “*gasp* the wontons!” is a call to all of us to consider the passion with which we approach our vocations, our communities, and our expertise.

I am thankful for passion, even when it is a little ridiculous. In fact, it’s the kind of passion I think I enjoy and embrace the most.

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