The Moment Passed

I filled up my car today for the first time in three months. On March 13, as things were getting a little hairy (and everyone else was stockpiling toilet paper), I filled my nearly empty tank of gas and, like many folks, stopped driving for a while, except when necessary.

I paid $16 for nearly ten gallons, and only used a twenty-cents-per-gallon discount, so it’s still rather weird. (B has used up to a dollar a gallon, but he drives far more.)

I have an orange book in which I’m tracking 2020–I think I’ve alluded to this before, but it may have been in another iteration of this blog. There’s ideas and reminders and checklists, and also little things–where am I in the grand scheme of 1 Corinthians? What exercises am I doing more of, fewer of? What books have I read? And it’s the middle of June, and nearly the end of the year, and I’m almost done with another chunk of a section…

I’m at the church right now, having finished prep for Bible Study and worship, for the most part. I’m looking at stacks of books. At upcoming continuing education leave, and the work I need to do to get ahead of it; at the vacation time I need and have made notification of (I do like my church doesn’t say request, as I don’t technically need permission)–and I think, “Ah, it’s too much,” but that moment’s passed.

Time is weird. My regular markers for it have mostly vanished; my new ones–walks! prayer! reading!–don’t really tell me what time it is, but where I am. Who knows, anyhow.

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