On Projects and Projections

At the beginning of this year, getting ready for an intentional time of transformation (some personal, some from God; some accidental, some surprising), I limited what projects I’d work on.

The five I’d chosen, having reminded myself to do a few things passionately instead of everything theoretically, were these:

  1. deep theological study, which I’m doing–weighing three commentaries, pericope by pericope, on First Corinthians.
  2. arthur the lesser–this very website! I finally just pulled the trigger, and I’m trying to become regular in posting as I build out this site.
  3. D&D! I run a game for div school friends every week (or so), and I have begun a game in person with a family here in Wichita, but COVID has slowed that down. More info than you need; onward!
  4. Culinary pursuits–I like to make pie, and I am trying to develop a rhythm on making, trying and baking new recipes. Being on a diet changes this! I don’t want delicious, fatty, sugar-filled treats in my kitchen. Do I start giving away pies?
  5. And then, there’s writing.

I live in ideas; I struggle with execution of ideas. I find myself unable to write in a sustained or regular fashion. I aim for twenty minutes in a day, and it lands at the bottom of my priorities in any given day.

I justify this in a variety of ways–I write a twenty minute sermon every week, and that is a lot of words. I tell stories communally through DND. Even these micro posts (or regular sized posts, as it seems today), are something.

I wonder if I’m cultivating the ideal of writing fiction when I’ve always been a playwright, and a lover of reading fiction. The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, shares her mantra that “writers write always,” and I have to then wonder not if I am a writer (because by that definition, I am not) but if I want to be.

Maybe that fifth project changes, and opens up into something new. Maybe it pivots. Maybe it stays the same. This is simply a point of reflection.

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