Workout Wednesday (7/8/20)

I hit 500 today, in the grand attempt to count up to 1,000 exercises in a workout.

Broken down (without making a table)
Plank Jump-Ins – 4 sets of 15
Sit-Ups – 4 sets of 15
Push-Ups – 4 sets of 15
Hop Heel Clicks (OR, High Knees) – 4 sets of 15
Squats – 4 sets of 30
Jumping Jacks – 4 sets of 35

Each set is 125, so the total is 500. That’s the goal I set for July 8, and that’s the goal I’ve met. So I’m glad about that.

The last couple days I’ve struggled getting up at 5 a.m. (My routine in the morning is… long, and I’ve developed in-house phrases for different kinds of mornings!) Yesterday and today, I was ready to go back to bed for an ineffective, not-long-enough hour and a half. But I got up, and I was glad I did both time.

What’s that working out cliche? “One nearly always regrets not exercising; one rarely regrets exercising,” or something? The worst parts of my day are getting up at five, and then God willing, peeling a soaked t-shirt off at 6:45 so I can shower.

Anyhow. The next eight days are about timing–I’m focusing on 500 (maaaybe 560 or so, adding five to each exercise in two sets) while not resting as long between exercises. Resting a little: yes! Stopping to ponder philosophically, getting lost in thought and ultimately delaying doing more? No thank you!

Wish me luck, folx.

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