Monday Mull: Ephesians 1

Pleroma is the word, I think, in Greek.

Last week, I posted about the entirety of Ephesians; that, coming off a week’s recharge and reset, I was scrapping my initial sermon series for the next three months and preaching just Ephesians through September, and then taking another week off.

And since then, I’ve read introductions from four different scholars, and started building a notebook on Ephesians. If I had more time, I’d thoroughly study Colossians and then Ephesians, but I can’t, I didn’t–I was in fact typing notes to hand-write later, which also seems dumb in hindsight. Writing things out helps me learn, and–

I’m digressing. Pleroma is the word, I think, in Greek, meaning “fullness,” as in what fills something, or makes something complete. The jelly in a donut. The air in a balloon. The gas in a tank. In chapter one of Ephesians, not only is Christ filling the universe, but the church is the body of Christ so using that transitive property, the Church is filling the universe.

What a terrible job we’re doing. We should be ashamed. What is the church filling the universe with? I can’t even go further today–this world is very, very, very broken, and I worry it is past the point of no return.

We’re about to reopen schools as COVID cases skyrocket. Teachers can’t strike in many states, or they face loss of license, or jail time, or a variety of consequences. So we are sending them in to viral hotspots, to infect and be infected–and once again, we put our children in harm’s way and why hasn’t the church just folded because we stopped bearing witness to justice a long time ago. Sandy Hook should have prompted something, right?

I’m sorry, Universe, we’re more like a tumor than fuel right now.

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