Funerals in the Time of Corona

I received word on Monday that a nonagenarian in the congregation I serve had died. She was feisty, incredibly kind, and sharp as a tack, for almost a century. Moving forward, the family opted to have a memorial service at a funeral home, and then a graveside service today. It was the first funeral I’ve done since before the lockdowns and times of masking. Here’s some observations from today.

  1. It was strange, but it was not bad. Different. We still proclaimed the good news, we remembered and celebrated a life well-lived. We were all wearing masks, we were spread out in the chapel.
  2. It was okay to stream on Facebook Live. Ten people joined us on the livestream because they would not come to the service–and we were able to connect them anyhow.
  3. As there was no singing nor communion planned in the service, those hurdles did not have to be jumped.
  4. I shook hands because of reflex, and I sanitized my hands frequently. Kept my mask on if I was within ten feet of anyone. I did not feel exposed nor at risk. I hope I’m not wrong!

The Church can adapt, the Church can change, the Church can grow in these moments. We are called to faithful witness, not comfortable process.

“… give thanks for life…”

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