Workout Wednesday (7/22/20)

Enter: the Bicycle!

We found a bicycle refurbisher just south of us, and I picked up a blue 7-speed. B’s been teaching me how to best shift gears–yes, I rode a 21 speed bike and had no idea–and we’ve done a few rides.

I haven’t driven to work this week. Rode my bike Sunday, rode over on Monday, rode over yesterday. I’m enjoying it! I’ve made myself a deal: if I do six miles or more on my bike, I’m not as worried about hitting ten thousand steps. But some days, I hope to do all of it. All of it! Bodyweight exercises (recently hit 600 but struggling on timing on weekdays) and walking and steps and bicycling… just being active.

It’s kind of amazing, too–I can’t just eat what I want, even if I’m super active, and reasonably expect my weight to go down. But that’s for next week, surely.

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