An Unintentional Week Away

One of the things we’ve discerned, and we prioritize, as a family is growing our family. We are a foster home, and we have had some kids staying with us this week. It’s been great. My schedule has shifted as we figure out timing and rhythm, and blog posts have fallen to the wayside.

AND, if I’m being honest–I’ve put up some posts lately that were just checking a box for me. Literally, I have a row on my daily tracker “arthurthelesser,” and if I post a blog (or schedule a draft, you don’t know) I check it off. But there have been some posts where I think, “If I had time, or energy, or the desire, I’d do more with this.” There are some posts I don’t write because they would take more energy! So is this a microblog with nothing really expounded upon, or do I need to post less but more thoroughly?

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