is this a bullet journal?

I mean, yes, I guess so.

So a few years ago, there was this great big hullabaloo about bullet journaling. Mindfulness! Productivity! Organization! Analog thinking in a digital age! Here’s a link to the website.

I loved the idea. I love a lot of ideas–it’s honestly a problem for me, if I’m not careful. But I liked the foundational principle, because I like making lists, and I like checking things off lists. I’d tried methods before, and I had these grand designs for hand-written journals, and deep, perfectly symmetrical notebooks–are you a notebook person? Someone who can’t help but buy those little books at the front of bookstores, and fill them with (ultimately) your best intentions? I’ve gotten better with that; I don’t buy any except the annual bullet journal anymore.

I don’t want you to hear “bullet journal” and think of this:

There’s nothing wrong with the above, if that’s your thing. I have noticed, digging through pages upon pages of “interesting page ideas,” that there’s got to be a lot of pre-formatting that happens with these posts, right? I make mistakes all the time, and it took a long time to just cross out the mistake and keep going; to miss a day or week and pick it back up. I can appreciate the stuff above, but it’s very… manufactured.

I don’t do it in color. I don’t draw. I have pretty straight forward pages. I’m happy with it.

I have monthly pages. This is my monthly tracker–and yeah, I know, I didn’t exercise a lot in the top of the year.

This is what my weekly tracker looks like–I have some tasks every day, I try to mindfully reflect at the end of the day on what was accomplished (left hand margin); I keep notes and little bits of information on the right hand margin, and goals at the bottom right. The goals line up to the Seven Points.

I recommend bullet journaling–it’s simple, it has helped me keep things in line, and I suppose I’m more mindful. I recommend you practice grace with yourself. If you want to do the ornate, full-color, taped up pages, go for it–but I’ve found more success with a pen, going one day at a time.

…upon further reflection–I am really not trashing people who do the very planned, meticulous pages. I do not personally find value in it. But if that is the means and modes of self-expression for you, go for it. I don’t care, so long as it does cause or perpetuate harm, really.

One thought on “is this a bullet journal?

  1. Two on One piqued my interest in Enneagrams because there are many ways that Spiff describes herself that makes me feel like I must have the same Enneagram. However, after seeing your relationship with lists I wonder if I’m the same as you. Now, I have to figure out what Enneagram I am. Do you have a recommended source for figuring out your Enneagram? I know there are some half measure five minutes or less versions that should probably be avoided.

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