workout wednesday: end of june, 2021

No weights were harmed or used in this month’s exercise routines.

This is the first one, right? So maybe it’s more of a baseline.

Workouts Completed: 15 (I bombed the second half of June); mostly biking, some substantial walks.

Weight Change: 233 pounds on June 2; 229.7 pounds on June 30. -3.3 lbs this month / -3.3 lbs total.

Trip-Ups: Those little peanut butter pretzels, man. They’ll get you. A little snack, one thinks, before bed is actually two or three hundred calories. Also, I’ve become an expert in talking myself out of exercising–it’s too hot, there’s not enough time, it’s not worth the effort.

Here’s the month’s cliche: I never regret exercising; I often regret not exercising. A few days ago I hopped on the elliptical for the first time in a month. It still works! It’s still doable! I have to get over the hump between knowing I should exercise, and the actual doing of it.

Change in Trajectory for July: I am watching portions, and cutting out eating after dinner. I don’t need dessert; I need to drink water if I want to feel full. (I eat enough at dinner!) Thus, I can actually enjoy the occasional ridiculous culinary pursuit, or whatever.

Reasonable Goals: Lose five pounds. Exercise sixteen times. Get outside often.

Unreasonable (But Fun!) Goals: Lose ten pounds. Exercise twenty-four times. Live outside.

2 thoughts on “workout wednesday: end of june, 2021

  1. I had a doctor in North Carolina who said that cutting out beverages with sugar in them can change everything. The idea is that sugary beverages set expectations for food that is even more sugary. Little changes like that, or maybe getting creative with bread-less options have helped me in the past when I was more exercise-oriented.

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