504 Project

The 504 Project is an attempt to improve in seven different ways over the course of 72 weeks. You might ask yourself, “Why?” I would respond to you with, “Why not?”

The seven categories, as it were, are based (loosely) around the seven Christian virtues–faith, hope, charity, fortitude, justice, prudence and temperance. This is a personal self-improvement project, however, so there are some categorical stretches, surely. A few goals are not listed here.

Faith (Intellectual Pursuits)
1.   read 72 works of fiction
2.   become an expert on the Restoration in England
3.   do the leg work to begin a PhD in the fall of 2019

Hope (Artistic Endeavors)
4.   write, to completion, three projects
5.   teach improv, perform improv, or do theater
6.   learn a craft

Charity (Spiritual Development)
7.   cultivate 72 days each of seven different spiritual practices
8.   finish the lectionary journal started a long time ago, and complete annotations
9.   practice intentional sabbath

Fortitude (Physical Exercises)
10.  weigh at or under 185 pounds
11.  complete a sprint triathlon
12.  [this is a private one]

Justice (Speaking More Clearly)
13.  become fluent in Spanish
14.  deeply understand the Texas legislature in time for 2019 session
15.  make friends outside of church and clergy circles

Prudence (Financial Intentions)
16.  pay off the car specifically, and generally kill debt
17.  faithfully track finances in 2017, and stick to the budget thereafter.
18.  save a specific amount in twelve months*

Temperance (Epicural Engagements)
19.  eat more vegan than vegetarian, and more vegetarian than omnivoral
20. [this is a private one]
21.  celebrate community consistently around a table