apology for the unread

These were the titles that I have dropped from lists. Updated November 15, 2021.

Cervantes, Miguel. Don Quixote.
This book is long. I had a lot of long books on my list, and for years now, it’s been easier to read literally anything else. But, I kind of previewed it on Audible, and I am excited about Edith Grossman’s translation.

Dickens, Charles. David Copperfield.
As a concept, Dickens tires me out. I substituted Great Expectations for David Copperfield, and it worked.

Dostoevsky, Fyodor. Crime and Punishment.
I had a copy of The Idiot, so I read The Idiot, and I enjoyed The Idiot.

Faulkner, William. The Sound and the Fury.
If I knew anything about this book before I put it on the list, I wouldn’t have put it on the list. I am sure it’s simply brilliant, run-on sentences with weird syntax. But part of Project 1827 is knowing what I have bandwidth for, and this does not qualify.

Gaskell, Elizabeth. Cranford.
Maybe it’s because Cold Comfort Farm is so good, or because I really fell in love with Jane Austen and myriad Brontes, but I gave it twenty pages and gently said no thanks.

Gurwich, Annabelle, Wherever You Go, There They Are.
I’ll be honest, this seems to be in the ilk of The Floating Feldmans and The Family Fang and I enjoyed those, and felt I can move out of the genre.

Herbert, Frank. Dune.
I couldn’t get a copy in a timely manner, and now it’s all popular because of the new movie, and eh, I’ll get it another time.

Hugo, Victor. Les Miserables.
See what I wrote about Don Quixote. I’m taking a year off from having it on the list, so as to find the best translation out there.

Kazantzakis, Nikos. Zorba the Greek.
I think I’d rather re-read The Greek Passion, and that’s on the list now. (This was one of those books left off by oversight.)

McBride, Eimear. The Lesser Bohemians.
Please see what I wrote about Faulkner and The Sound and the Fury.

von Goethe, J.W. Faust.
I went a few pages in and just didn’t feel it. Perhaps I’ll revisit it in the future.