are you still watching?

Are You Still Watching?: Using Pop Culture to Tune In, Find God & Get Renewed for Another Season is available now from Chalice Press and all reputable book sellers.

In this collection of twelve essays from a dozen contributors, co-editors Rev. Stephanie Kendell and Rev. Arthur Stewart ask readers to see the Divine in everything.

From the introduction: ‘So, we hope that the stories you read here, stories of how God speaks through pop culture, will inspire you to try a French tuck and seek the Divine in places you may have overlooked. We hope you will come to know that there is a difference between just listening and fully experiencing the Holy Spirit in Beyoncé and to realize that it is okay if the Avett Brothers is your hymnal. Finally, we hope you feel connected to a group of people who also feel that some days a well-placed “Ew, David” sounds an awful lot like an “Amen.”’

This book is structured to facilitate a monthly study for small groups, with discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Do this with your Sunday school class! Do this with your small group! Do this with friends you make as you debate the implications of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse!

Order it today from Chalice Press or wherever good books are sold through just practice.