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…if the roots are holy, so are the branches.

Romans 11:16b

I don’t think I love creation nearly as much as God does.

I don’t think I know how to, honestly. I don’t have that kind of depth and width and breadth, as I’m not the Creator of the Universe, but just a creature who really likes the indoors. I do know that human beings have been, for the most part, rather awful towards the planet–we are headed for extinction! the end of the Plastocene Era!–and while the best solution (and really, only workable solution) is to force the enormous polluting corporations to stop, I can be better in creation and for creation and with creation. Because the Earth is not mine; it is ours.

Goal #1: Develop an epic garden

I know–this goal is not S.M.A.R.T., but it will be. We have a backyard garden in which we grew a ton of vegetables in 2020. We’re moving it to our front yard, with raised beds and containers with reservoirs. I want to be in the dirt, on my knees, outside and uncomfortable–I love the taste of food grown in our yard.

There’s research and planning, development and scheduling, budgeting and building, planting and tending, harvesting and sharing, and storing and canning to consider. This is not a hard and fast goal because there will be so much more of this practice to cultivate in 2022 or 2023. This is tilling the ground, as it were.

Goal #2: I will adopt plastic-free practices in the kitchen.

You want to know how to give up plastic? You stop buying it, and you refuse to use it–but the world is coated, it seems, in single-use plastic.

I have found good resources–like My Plastic Free Life–and some simple first steps to take, and this year, I’m hoping we can figure out and try six:

  1. store everything in jars and glass containers.
  2. can and preserve that which can be canned and preserved.
  3. cloth bags for produce
  4. find a butcher and a baker
  5. steel kits for lunches
  6. bulk bins, ethnic markets, and other inconvenient shopping.

Since I do the grocery shopping, and much of the meal planning at The Lesser household, I can make my family super annoyed when I change things up! It’ll be great!

Goal #3: Connect to the Greater Church

Sure, there are some indicators that the Church is in decline, except, it’s not The Church–it’s Western, or American, or Mainline Protestant, or denominational, or progressive, or regressive, or whatever, Church. The Church is resilient, transforming, growing, changing, shaking, living and breathing.

Thanks to Global Ministries, I can connect to a variety of ministries, missions and marvelous folks across the world doing good work. And I think I found a particular ministry to partner with–but I’m not going to start linking and proclaiming before building the bridge and making contact. However, there’s things at work. This page will have to be updated, obviously!