Wednesday Weigh-In #7

It’s slow-going, but it’s going down, generally. I’m at 209.3, which is two pounds less than two weeks ago. I feel like I’ve been aiming for 208 for the last month–because I have been. But there’s other factors, and they’re all positive, I think.

First: there are other measures of health than the number on the scale. I used a towel that, six months ago, I struggled to wrap around my gut; now there’s plenty of room. I’m wearing smaller clothes, I’m at the end of my belt, I no longer plan my trips up and down stairs (our house has too many stairs y’all) to avoid over-exertion and the embarrassment of getting out of breath.

Second: I have eaten more pasta in the last two weeks than I have in the previous three months. And I’m acknowledging portions are a thing. And I’m being intentional, and exercising, and I’ll take these little lowerings, because they’re sticking. MAYBE I’ll be under 200 by Halloween. Maybe I won’t. But I’ll keep being intentional and cognizant. It’s the best I can do.

Wednesday Weigh-In #6

I missed #5 on July 29 (that is, posting) and I weighed in at 213 exactly. So a loss of 2.3 pounds, at least, at that day.

I haven’t expected much change the last few weeks; I’ve definitely plateaued because I’m not as stringent, and not as motivated, and not as driven as I was the first twelve weeks.

I have kids in my house. I’m balancing two sudden teenagers. So not gaining weight right now is good for me. I’m happy about.

I still feel skinny, I still feel healthy. And I’ll get the final pounds off, heading toward 200, though, not by my 36th birthday. Unless I’m super unhealthy.

Here’s the number for August 12:


Wednesday Weigh-In #4

As of this morning, I’m at 215.3 pounds. I’m okay with this.

First, there are other signs of improving health besides weight loss. I’m flatter, less round. I can see tone where I want tone, and less where I want less. I don’t get out of breath going up the stairs, as I did a year ago. I sleep infinitely better.

Second, I’m assuming there’s a two pound margin, either way, on weight. Don’t get me wrong–I’ll never round up and think, “Ah, I’m actually around 217,” but rather, eh. Weighing every day I’ve begun seeing the number on the scale as Weight-Ish.

I have learned this: I see better results on a downward trend when I function within the regular amount of calories, regardless of exercise. The programs I use add calories burned from workouts to those available on the day. Nope! I am not trying to maintain.

I have 49 days, I believe, to drop another fifteen pounds before my 36th birthday. Ish. Or so. Aiming for but not demanding. Is this what a reasonable, healthy goal looks like?! I’m shocked.

Wednesday Weigh-In #3 (Halfweigh There)

At the start of 2020, at around 240 pounds, I made the goal to weigh under two hundred by the end of the year. That’s a reasonable, healthy goal–40 pounds over 52 weeks is just under 4/5ths of a pound a week, well within range of moderate diet and exercise.

I stuck at or above 235 for the first four months of 2020, for this simple reason: if nothing changes, nothing changes. I made no effort to assess, let alone edit, my diet or (in)activity, but I still faithfully weighed in every two weeks, despondent.

I started a program that changes one’s mindset and habits gradually. I’m on like, week nine, and it’s interesting that they’re repeating original lessons, I guess in case we forget, but I’d also assume because this is very, very simple to understand: don’t eat too much, don’t eat too much delicious garbage, and move more.

Since aiming for 10,000 steps a day, introducing moderate bodyweight exercises (the worst twenty minutes of my day!) and being a little more aware, I am now, on July 1, halfway through 220, at 217.2 pounds. I have officially lost 20 pounds on this program (which remains nameless because they’re not paying me to endorse them… yet?) and I could not be happier.

The little weight graph in the app (one gets to weigh in every day, to see that weight is in flux, not a straight line of decline) suggests I may hit 199.9 before my thirty-sixth birthday. That would be neat–and I’ll bet, since I can see I’ve slimmed up, but haven’t lost some curves and, er, pockets, that I can still tone up and lose some more, healthily and intentionally, once I cross that two-buck threshold.

Wednesday Weigh-In #2

I’m at 223.2 pounds, which is less weight than two weeks ago. It is the same as the last three days. It is my second lowest weight recorded–I was at 222.7 on Friday, I think, of last week?

Weight is not the only indicator of health. I’m trying to get to or below 220 this month, though, because I have a goal for my thirty-sixth birthday.

C’est la vie! I’ll keep walking, eating right, and doing bodyweight exercises. Change is happening; there are other indicators. I look better, I feel better, I sleep better. And I’ll take it.

Wednesday Weigh-In

So I’m not sure if I’m going to do many of these–one’s weight is a measure of health, but it is not the only measure–and yet, I feel like this is a matter of accountability, albeit to strangers, stragglers and somebodies on the Intertubes.

Essentially, I am seeking a healthy physical body as I continue to seek the health of the Body of Christ, in the congregation I serve, and in the Church as a whole. Essentially, I am losing weight I know I put on through a deep, abiding love of beer and inactivity, and now things have changed. Essentially, I am losing weight so that I may be faster, stronger and more able to participate in life with my husband, and with children who at some point will enter our lives.

As I have said before–this is my personal journey; I am not suggesting, informing, criticizing or in any other way engaging another person’s self-image or body.

Anyway. I started the year at 240 pounds. Holiday weight dropped off and I was averaging at 236 pounds. I record my weight every two weeks, just to see where it’s at, and the winter made clear if nothing changes, nothing changes. I did not alter my diet nor exercise with frequency or purpose, and I weighed the same.

I have started a program that tracks all sorts of stuff and claims it’s for nerds, whatever that may mean. I have seen results. I weighed in this morning at 226 pounds, which I’ll take. (I was at 225.8 a few days ago, but there’s variance! Go figure!)

I would like to weigh 200 pounds. I do not know what that would be like; I have not been that light since college. I am in my mid-thirties today.