less is more. less is also less.

My name is Arthur, and I’m trying to become less.

I take up a lot of space, I consume a lot of resources, and I rely on pre-packaged notions and deep-rooted impulses. We all do, it’s part of being human. And this blog launches in 2021, and after the strangest year on record, at least for me, I’d rather focus on human becoming. But not becoming more–I’ll never achieve that. There’s always more. By planting seeds, and forming roots, and becoming less.

This is a record of that work. It is the continuation of general work begun years ago, and particular work begun around May of 2020, when it was clear this pandemic was going to keep going and going. This season is chaotic and this season is an opportunity; it can be both at once.

There are goals and plans and challenges and resolutions–these are all part of Project 1827, which you can read about here if you wish. If you’re just here for tested recipes, or book reviews, or thoughts on the Corinthian letters–you can find those in the blog, or by using the search widget. (This is a static landing page.) If you’re here because you found me on social media and want to know more–great! Welcome.

You can always contact me at arthur [at] arthurthelesser [dot] com.