there were 1,826 projects before this one.

I remember, I was sitting on my back porch in the middle of the day a few years ago, and I decided that I was going to get my life together in 504 days, because there were 504 days before April 1, 2018. (I guess that means this was on November 16, 2016, a Wednesday, which, whoops.)

I made a whole bunch of enormous goals–impossible now, in hindsight–and almost immediately became overwhelmed by my inability to consistently track, develop or pursue any work of value. I still blogged though, at this address. Those archives are gone now, as posts became fewer and farther between, and shorter.

There’s always a project like that, and I’ve found the idea is just as enticing as the result, which makes the in-between part, the actual work, far more bothersome than it should be. (Yes, Enneagram dorks, I’m a seven.) So there have been permutations and false starts, but after some introspection and conversation and practice, Project 1827 is underway, and has been since my thirty-fifth birthday.

there are 1,827 days between my thirty-fifth and fortieth birthday.

1,827 days is a long time–much longer than 504, for example, or 286, or whatever other numbers I came up with. 1,827 is a great number, too–it’s divisible by 3 (and thus 9) and 7 (and thus 21). There are two leap days in this mix, which I think makes the number neat. And this blog is in the thick of things–it did not start in 2019. This is in media res.

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