project 1827-3

Having established the seven parts of self, and what my values actually are in regards to them, I have developed three goals for 2022 in each part of self, to begin, increase or maintain. (For 2021’s shenanigans, please click here, when this link is active.)

Body (Daily)

  1. Begin: develop “meat on the side” recipes.
  2. Increase: Weigh 200 pounds.
  3. Maintain: Exercise >20 minutes, four days a week.

Mind (Wider)

  1. Begin: four new classes, two for the Doctor of Ministry.
  2. Increase: read from (and complete) The Indigenous Authors list.
  3. Maintain: reading the remnants from the 2021 fiction list; work on the non-fiction list.

Spirit (Abide)

  1. Begin: some form of body prayer–yoga?
  2. Increase: daily prayer practice, which is a modified form of the hours.
  3. Maintain: deep study of the Corinthian letters.

Soul (Pause)

  1. Begin: gardening as daily work
  2. Increase: early rising every day, or most days.
  3. Maintain: staying on the financial plan and budget.

Heart (Serve)

  1. Begin: service work–volunteering my time and energy.
  2. Increase: [redacted]
  3. Maintain: [redacted]

Community (Story)

  1. Begin: The Book, Dinner and Pie Club!
  2. Increase: Playing with, and becoming a part, of a long-form improv troupe.
  3. Maintain: Some regular D&D games.

Call (Roots)

  1. Begin: building partnerships ecumenically and with civic organizations.
  2. Increase: [redacted]
  3. Maintain: [redacted]

Some of these are obviously measurable–I can stand on a scale and check my weight, for example. What does it mean to engage politically, or to read from a diverse list, or to build an epic garden? These goals have to be smart, or there’s going to be a Project 1,828. Luckily, I think I’ve worked it out…

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