project 1827-3

Having established the seven parts of self, and what my values actually are in regards to them, I have developed three goals for 2021 in each part of self.


  1. Weigh 180 pounds by 12/31/2021.
  2. Exercise >20 minutes, six days a week
  3. Eat Responsibly

Mind Matters.

  1. Read from a diverse reading list.
  2. Complete two Doctor of Ministry classes.
  3. Certify in four online courses.


  1. Complete work on 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians.
  2. Practice daily prayer (observe 5x/day)
  3. Take on Hafiz as a daily devotional.

Soul Care.

  1. Limits on screens and social media
  2. Daily Journal 300x in 2021.
  3. Write four blog posts per week in 2021.

Heart Beat.

  1. No Personal Book Purchasing.
  2. Tithe Honoraria.
  3. Grow Our Family’s Giving.

Communal Life.

  1. Do service work.
  2. Engage politically.
  3. Play with friends twice a month.


  1. Build an epic garden.
  2. Develop and maintain plastic-free practices.
  3. Connect to the Greater Church.

Some of these are obviously measurable–I can stand on a scale and check my weight, for example. What does it mean to engage politically, or to read from a diverse list, or to build an epic garden? These goals have to be smart, or there’s going to be a Project 1,828. Luckily, I think I’ve worked it out…

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