reading lists

A few years ago, I wanted to read more history, so I read a biography of every former President. The POTUS Project was a ridiculous undertaking, but with rare exceptions, very enjoyable.

Beginning in 2017, I made an enormous list of fiction, and decided I would get through all of it in a year. I did not, and, at the end of 2020, I recognize there are some works that if I wanted to read them, I would have by now. I am retiring that list, but I share it in its original form, and with all of the other books–non-fiction, theological and other–I was also reading at the time.

For 2021, I have made a list of fifty-two fiction titles, and fifty-two non-fiction titles that I intend to read. The fiction I hope to read through my local library, requiring no purchases; the non-fiction is history and ecclesiology and church stuff I already own, and in many cases, need to thoroughly re-read. You can see my progress beginning December 10, 2020.

I have promised to begin reviewing books as a practice of sharing what interests me. I have not done so, yet.

Finally, I am always, always looking for book recommendations. Please do not be shy.