january 2021 wrap-up

by the numbers…

  • nine books read
  • fifteen days with bible study
  • just under seven, on average, for hydration
  • thirty days in conversation with hafiz
  • thirty days with psalms
  • seven vigils prayed
  • twenty journal entries
  • thirteen sessions of exercising

i wrote about…

…physical factors, really–I wrote about the baseline for my journey in exercise, the workout I’m comfortable doing, and I shared two weigh-ins that aren’t very different. I cooked a crazy hot meal for New Year’s Day; I read twelve books; I waxed on best mornings and the spiritual practice of study. And of course, I marked the passage of time and explained the weird way I do so in regards to this project.

goals and projections for february…

body: exercise more frequently, intentionally, and diversely. stop eating fun garbage.
spirit: develop a daily intercessory prayer routine; twenty sessions on 2 Corinthians
heart: buy no books, still (which is harder than it seems)
community: run DND twice; attend a couple local governing meetings
world: plot the garden out, and order seeds
mind: read six books, even if one is Les Miserables (which is currently on the bedside table!); finish course work for D.Min project.
soul: use pomodoro blocker during the work day; journal twenty times; blog sixteen times.

Is it weird to put “I’m going to blog more?” on a blog post? Too late!