Workout Wednesday

Let’s talk about timing.

Right now, this is my day’s bodyweight workout:

Jumping Jacks404160
Hop Heel Clicks20480
Plank Jump-Ins20480
Grand Total600

This works well right now. I’m trying to build endurance, and rest less frequently between (or, in the case of sit-ups generally and the third set particularly, within) sets, because I’ll lose myself in thought and also, not exercising is always better than exercising. I’m trying to get down to the workout above in 20 minutes.

And right now, I’m hitting about 21’10”, on average. I wonder if that’s all right–it’s the difference of 70 seconds–but I have gotten faster since I’ve started timing things.

The faster pace is for two reasons, I’d bet. One: I’m doing eighty sit-ups in a workout right now, which I’m pretty dang proud of. But I’d like to have better flow, and better control–I bet there’s something different about doing 20 sit-ups in a row versus 5 and 5 and 6 and 4 with little bursts of rest between. And two: I really want to hit a thousand, but keep my morning schedule in tact.

Hitting 1,000 looks like this, by the way:

Jumping Jacks505250
Hop Heel Clicks305150
Plank Jump-Ins305150

If I can get all that done in 30 minutes, I’ll be happy. So here’s the steps I am going to take by the end of the year to accomplish this:

  1. Get down to 20 minutes on four sets.
  2. Increase the number of reps to 25.
  3. Get down to 22 minutes on four sets.
  4. Increase the number of sets to 5.
  5. Increases the reps of jumping jacks to 50.
  6. Get up to five sets, 50×5 and 30x5x5.

I believe I can do this, except as I finish the second set! But it’s an achievable goal, I believe.

Now if I could only find a replacement for plank jump-ins, because I hate them. Any suggestions, fitness folks who may have stumbled upon this blog?

Wednesday Weigh-In

So I’m not sure if I’m going to do many of these–one’s weight is a measure of health, but it is not the only measure–and yet, I feel like this is a matter of accountability, albeit to strangers, stragglers and somebodies on the Intertubes.

Essentially, I am seeking a healthy physical body as I continue to seek the health of the Body of Christ, in the congregation I serve, and in the Church as a whole. Essentially, I am losing weight I know I put on through a deep, abiding love of beer and inactivity, and now things have changed. Essentially, I am losing weight so that I may be faster, stronger and more able to participate in life with my husband, and with children who at some point will enter our lives.

As I have said before–this is my personal journey; I am not suggesting, informing, criticizing or in any other way engaging another person’s self-image or body.

Anyway. I started the year at 240 pounds. Holiday weight dropped off and I was averaging at 236 pounds. I record my weight every two weeks, just to see where it’s at, and the winter made clear if nothing changes, nothing changes. I did not alter my diet nor exercise with frequency or purpose, and I weighed the same.

I have started a program that tracks all sorts of stuff and claims it’s for nerds, whatever that may mean. I have seen results. I weighed in this morning at 226 pounds, which I’ll take. (I was at 225.8 a few days ago, but there’s variance! Go figure!)

I would like to weigh 200 pounds. I do not know what that would be like; I have not been that light since college. I am in my mid-thirties today.