It’s a Good Decline

It’s funny–I want to blog more, because I enjoy doing it. It is an outward presentation of the truth, right?

And I’m fine acknowledging when I lose or gain weight, talking about workouts, offering theological mulls and what-have-you–but life, generally, is a little complex right now, and I am not putting a lot out there.

  1. I’m a pastor, and I’m not talking about the congregation I serve on this site (for now), and it’s a big part of my life. Like, fifty to sixty waking hours a week, that I just don’t write about. I might change that–but with the church’s acknowledgment and permission.
  2. I am a foster parent, which is a hoot and a half. It’s pretty amazing. And I’m erring on the side of caution, and saying absolutely nothing about the placements in my home. And believe it or not, having kids around takes up a surprising amount of time and energy!
  3. I should probably use this blog to focus on one topic. I have not decided what it is yet, though. I worry it may be fitness, based on views. (I worry because then I have to keep doing stupid plank jump-ins, which are the worst.)

So there you go.

Workout Wednesday

Okay. Today was good.

I’ll admit, I slept really well last night. And we were just a little ahead of schedule this morning. (Does it really matter? Not at all!)

But today I did five sets, in 21 minutes. I hit 750/1000. I did 100 sit-ups and push-ups and plank jump-ins (they are the worst) and hop heel clicks. I did 150 squats. I did 200 jumping jacks. In 21 minutes, with some rest in there.

On Friday, I did 750 and it took forever. It was also the middle of the afternoon and hot out. But here’s the table difference:

Jumping Jacks50*440*5
Plank Jump-Ins25*420*5

So, I don’t know what difference sets versus reps make, if it does, in this kind of workout. I paused more doing 25 sit-ups, I got more in my head on Friday. I did not rest nearly as much this morning. But does time of day change things that much? Caffeine? Having eaten? Humidity? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’ll be working to normalize five sets, and pushing hard to stick to 22 minutes, maximum.

I’m glad I’m tracking this stuff. Fun fact! I started doing this in May, and really tracking things in June. Here’s my workout two months ago, and my workout today:

Jumping Jacks60200
Plank Jump-Ins18100

And you know what? In both of these workouts, I did more than nothing. But man, progress feels good!