wednesday weigh-in (3 of 26)

January 13, 2021: 222 pounds.
January 27, 2021: 223.4 pounds.
February 10, 2021: 224.8 pounds.

I know what you’re thinking–arthur the lesser, how can this be? I have a few simple theories. It’s very much “third verse, same as the first,” so please skip this if you wish:

  1. My diet is not within an appropriate caloric limit, or when it is, I am not eating foods that are conducive to weight loss.
  2. My exercise regimen, while better, is still sporadic. I struggle getting up at 4:45 a.m. when it’s three degrees Fahrenheit; I especially struggle working out on a freezing cold porch next to a space heater.
  3. I recognize ten thousand steps is kind of a magic number for me–when I get that many legitimate steps in, I usually weigh in lower the next day.

And of course, too–this is a net gain of three pounds. I’m not thrilled to be back at 225 because, at my lowest, I’d lost thirty pounds. So I’ve gained half of it back. Also, too, when I started seminary, I weighed 222 pounds. So I want to be below that. And yet, weight is one indicator of health, not the only indicator of health. And yet, I can do The Thousand Rep workout in about twenty-nine minutes, standard. I can go levels three and now four for thirty minutes on the elliptical. (I’d like to thank my husband’s stubbornness for rubbing off, and one of the streaming services for helping me reconnect with Chuck, which has not aged well!)

I’m going to keep going. I hope you do, too, if you’re looking for a comrade in this struggle. We can do this.