it might snow again

Last year–in one of the few posts I made, and the even fewer I kept up on this nearly defunct site–I began things by celebrating the end of a year while expecting five to eight inches of snow! What a neat and serene, blank page kind of way to kick things off. I even used this royalty-free picture that I kind of still love:

credit: Alain Audet, from here.

It is not going to snow tonight. It only recently became cold, and even now, it’s downright balmy for Kansas in December, cresting up into the fifties. It’s a completely different world–a breaking world, perhaps. A broken world, perhaps. An updated forecast, however, suggests we might get a little on New Year’s Day. Perhaps we will. Perhaps we won’t.

2021 was an incredible year, and I accomplished just a few of the twenty-one goals I set for 2021. (Should I have gone for 22 in 2022? Maybe I did.) Here’s where I was successful: I read from a diverse list, I took classes for my doctor of ministry, I developed a rhythm of prayer, I launched a really simple website for my professional endeavors, and I grew in my awareness and practices of responsibility and generosity, financially.

Here’s a few ways I came up short: I gained an average of two pounds every month this year–everything I lost in 2019, I have found (sometimes with a vengeance!) in 2021. I didn’t really connect with neighbors or friends–what an optimist I was at the end of 2020, like we’d get our act together in this pandemic!; I did not take two retreats; I did not develop (magically) an outdoor hobby.

In most ways I grew: I did not read 80 books in 2021, but I did read 63. I did not journal five times a week, but I do journal pretty consistently, missing the random day. I showed up for friends in creative ways. I did not complete my study of 2 Corinthians and then circle back with a fourth source in 1 Corinthians, but not for a lack of trying. And, I’m not even halfway through, and that’s with nearly 200 of 365 days with dedicated study!

I think this year was about perspective and right-sizing. Right-sizing, for those of you not inaugurated to the terminology of recovery communities, suggests that when a person is “right-sized,” s/he is neither too big nor too small for the space they inhabit.

I do have some nutso goals this year. I know I’m not going to scratch the surface on some of them–but I’m okay now working out four times a week as a stretch goal, not six; some of my goals are things I do anyhow because I love them, like improv and Dungeons & Dragons with my ridiculous clergy group. And some are reminders to me that it may or may not snow, it may or may not be a new year, it may or may not be a good day–just turn the page, and keep going.

Happy New Year. Don’t look 2022 right in the eyes, or it’ll charge!!