Wednesday Weigh-In #2

I’m at 223.2 pounds, which is less weight than two weeks ago. It is the same as the last three days. It is my second lowest weight recorded–I was at 222.7 on Friday, I think, of last week?

Weight is not the only indicator of health. I’m trying to get to or below 220 this month, though, because I have a goal for my thirty-sixth birthday.

C’est la vie! I’ll keep walking, eating right, and doing bodyweight exercises. Change is happening; there are other indicators. I look better, I feel better, I sleep better. And I’ll take it.

Wednesday Weigh-In

So I’m not sure if I’m going to do many of these–one’s weight is a measure of health, but it is not the only measure–and yet, I feel like this is a matter of accountability, albeit to strangers, stragglers and somebodies on the Intertubes.

Essentially, I am seeking a healthy physical body as I continue to seek the health of the Body of Christ, in the congregation I serve, and in the Church as a whole. Essentially, I am losing weight I know I put on through a deep, abiding love of beer and inactivity, and now things have changed. Essentially, I am losing weight so that I may be faster, stronger and more able to participate in life with my husband, and with children who at some point will enter our lives.

As I have said before–this is my personal journey; I am not suggesting, informing, criticizing or in any other way engaging another person’s self-image or body.

Anyway. I started the year at 240 pounds. Holiday weight dropped off and I was averaging at 236 pounds. I record my weight every two weeks, just to see where it’s at, and the winter made clear if nothing changes, nothing changes. I did not alter my diet nor exercise with frequency or purpose, and I weighed the same.

I have started a program that tracks all sorts of stuff and claims it’s for nerds, whatever that may mean. I have seen results. I weighed in this morning at 226 pounds, which I’ll take. (I was at 225.8 a few days ago, but there’s variance! Go figure!)

I would like to weigh 200 pounds. I do not know what that would be like; I have not been that light since college. I am in my mid-thirties today.