Hi. My name is Arthur Stewart, and this is Arthur the Lesser.

I was designated Arthur the Lesser the one time there were two actual Arthurs in the same place and others had to tell us apart. I really liked the other Arthur, and I have no problem referring to him as Arthur the Greater. I have considered the nickname an invitation to be the right size in the space I inhabit.

The nickname has a religious aspect. I am a religious person—I am an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). I have a complicated relationship with the Apostle Paul. I write sometimes about religion, faith, and the Church. Not always, though. I have a professional blog, which is revarthurstewart.com, and you may notice I cross-post stuff because if it can be on both websites, it should be.

I co-edited a book. It’s called Are You Still Watching?: Using Pop Culture to Find God, Tune In and Get Renewed for Another Season. You should buy it, it’s pretty good. I also contributed to 99 Prayers Your Church Needs (But Doesn’t Know It Yet), edited by Cara Gilger.

With my friend the Rev. Stephanie Kendell, I co-host The Two On One Project. It’s about faith and pop culture, and all the fun intersections between the two. We have a guest on a topic for each episode. I never thought I’d say “There’s some really good theology in Fern Gully,” but I do a lot of things I never thought I’d say.

I am a work in progress—a human becoming (as are so many of us). I did the math when I turned 35 and I had 1,827 days before my fortieth birthday (as do so many of us). It’s a big number divisible by many others. And it was probably the 1,827th time I tried to set goals and follow them. I started with way too many. I’m more than two-thirds through this season of life now, and maybe I found a rhythm. I did with a few, at least.

And finally, I’m a real person with a family. I refer to my husband as B. I refer to my kid as K.

You can find me on the facebook, twitter, and ideally, Instagram. You can sign up for my newsletter, “The Coat I Left in Troas,” and you can contact me using this page.

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