For a few years, B and I have wavered in practicing a vegan diet. We’re not going to be all-out, but we do not avoid it. Veganesque is a good term for it. Or, con-vegan-ient.

I really like Thug Kitchen, the vulgar vegan cookbook that has really simple, tasty food in it. I’ve enjoyed The Veganomicon, and also discovering nutritional yeast (NOOCH). I’ve noticed in pre-made vegan items, there’s a reliance on palm oil, which gives me pause; palm oil is unethical. I mean, there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism; nothing is without cost, nothing is without process.

And, too, I thrive on convenience. Throwing chicken breasts on the smoker (which is amazing) and having a quick lunch or dinner option in the fridge? Priceless. But I’m participating in systems I don’t like. I should just move to a farm somewhere. Get off the grid, electrify a fence or two.

Of course that’s a pipe dream. And of course, we can do the next right thing, which is to examine the cost of life and labor in what we eat, weighed against convenience, cost and culture.

I don’t even know what this means yet. But it is on my mind. Perhaps it’s a couple meals a week to start. And I’ll post about it here.