Wednesday Weigh-In #7

It’s slow-going, but it’s going down, generally. I’m at 209.3, which is two pounds less than two weeks ago. I feel like I’ve been aiming for 208 for the last month–because I have been. But there’s other factors, and they’re all positive, I think.

First: there are other measures of health than the number on the scale. I used a towel that, six months ago, I struggled to wrap around my gut; now there’s plenty of room. I’m wearing smaller clothes, I’m at the end of my belt, I no longer plan my trips up and down stairs (our house has too many stairs y’all) to avoid over-exertion and the embarrassment of getting out of breath.

Second: I have eaten more pasta in the last two weeks than I have in the previous three months. And I’m acknowledging portions are a thing. And I’m being intentional, and exercising, and I’ll take these little lowerings, because they’re sticking. MAYBE I’ll be under 200 by Halloween. Maybe I won’t. But I’ll keep being intentional and cognizant. It’s the best I can do.